Frequently Asked Question

A: All the knives are sharp and New.

A: Mostly people ask us this question. The main reason is that in several countries, which includes the UK and western countries where we ship our products from they are illegal (with exceptions such as blunt ones but it will be too complex to sort this), so unfortunately we can’t bring them into the UK to ship them to you! We are planning to expand our warehouse to another country, we may be able to offer butterflies as a service.

Our policy lasts 30 days from the delivery date. Which beats any other seller in the market? If you’re not happy for whatever reason we’ll glad to refund you your money back. Past that we cannot offer you exchange. For more information click here.

A: Yes, we require that you must be above 18 years ( or 21 if your state says so) to purchase knives. However they are for collectable purposes the knife laws still apply.

A: This is not a legal advice from our side to purchase knives, and should be not taken as such. we’ve already shipped to and had successful deliveries all around the world. We strictly suggest you check government documentation before purchasing from us. Our below information should not be taken as legal advice, customers are responsible for checking government documentation and ensuring the knives are legal in their state, province, and country, since we the seller are unaware of all country laws:

United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Malta, Croatia, Austria, Ukraine, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Brazil: All our Knives have all been successfully delivered with no issues.
Denmark: All our Knives have been sent successfully, although we now believe M9s are not allowed due to blade length without a license, so please check before purchasing.
United States: All Knives
Canada: All Knives have been sent successfully, although we now believe there is possibly restrictions on Karambits, so please check before purchasing.
Australia & New Zealand: All our Knives have been sent successfully, although we now believe there is possibly restrictions on Karambits, so please check before purchasing.
Brazil: All our Knives
Peru, Mexico: Have sent Karambits & Huntsmans successfully.
Other countries: For other countries, please check your government’s documentation first & send us an email whether we’ve sent there before if it appears government allows them.

A: According to your country laws, Customs may check the package. So far the only countries we’ve had issues with knives being lost is Israel. In the very unlikely case the customs do seize the knives, we will refund the price you paid.

So far we don’t believe there has ever been a customer who has had to pay tax for the knife when importing. Although please check with your government website/customs if you want to be sure.

A: It depends upon your country location we have fast Delivery services also with Additional cost:

1st Class UK Delivery: 4-7 days
Europe Delivery: 9-12 days
Worldwide Delivery: 12-17 days

A: We ship our product to most countries worldwide (excluding some high fraud countries) as long as the knife you select is legal in your country (Please check your country’s laws before purchasing on your government’s website).

Yes, Your personal information is 100% safe. If you use a credit card to purchase, the details are not stored. Our site is SSL secured. Your data will never be shared with anyone. Only your delivery address and name are used by our staff members to ship out your items.

We accept all major credit cards – including Visa, Mastercard and Amex.