About Us

About Us

Hello Guys,

My name is Khan the founder of Best Cs GO knives. Here’s a little bit about My Company:

Best Cs GO knives were founded in Australia in 2016. I started this company because in the market no other stores were selling CS:GO Knives that provided great customer service & prices.

Since 2016, we’ve now grown to become Worldwide Brand Shipping from the Australia.

The main purpose of my company’s products is for them to be used as display pieces to build yourself your Dream Gaming setup. (Note: The knives are sharp and real. So can be used on camping trips if you wish, but we’d rather keep our focus on making them as display pieces for viewing)

We strongly believe in making sure every knife our customers receive is made with precision and care, and that every customer receives incredible customer support when needed. That’s why we offer our 30 day Money Back Guarantee. So if you ever need any counter strike knife, get in contact and we’ll sort it out for you ASAP.

Mostly designs have even been specifically designed by Best Cs go Knives and cannot be found elsewhere!

Feel free to browse our website & check out some of our listed knives. We’ve recently had some quite high purchase demand for the knives so watch out as some may go out of stock soon. If you have something you’d like, I recommend you grab it quick!

Looking to get in contact? Email us: contact@ bestcsgoknives.com

– Khan on behalf of the Best Cs Go Knives